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I just played the demo, and i'm really looking forward to playing the next update, and soon the full game! It looks like so much fun!

How expensive do you plan to make the full game?

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hey, i wonder if i could do some art work for this,or little simple music,and i just played some part of that, from my POV, we could make it better, even you've done a nice job by yourself;-) and thank you for your passioness (heart)

Thank you so much for your interest, but unfortunately at this time, I'm not in a position to look for partners!

that's fine PUMPKIN san, that time I was thought about if that  could be more "30's", anyway, enjoy♡ and thanks ;-)

I'm just finished the demo and I very enjoy it. So I'm look forward to next update! PS. Sorry for my bad english lol.

Thank you for your interest!! <3 I'm working on it slowly, but surely so I hope I can show something soon!


I've played the demo but I thought there's more to it. Now I'm upset having to wait for it. I've look through the comment and it seem you've being working on it a long time. When the full version will be released? It's alright if you don't know but maybe an estimation is better than nothing.


I don't have any set dates for when any updates would be at the moment. If I am to give an estimation, there may be updates in 2020, when I may be able to free up more time to work more in depth with this game. I don't expect the full game to be finished for another year after (I'm a one person team so unfortunately things move slowly). Thank you for your interest and taking the time to ask, though! 


Thank you for your reply, now I got a bit more closer to the idea of the possibility it will released. Just don't push yourself too hard since you may wanted to not keep me disappointed after the estimation of released date you gave me. If you do then it's a way to easily to loose motivation of working the game. Take all the time you need, I'll be looking forward to it. ^-^

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Wow! Thank you for such a long and detailed review!

Hmm, I'll certainly keep that in mind as I revise the script for the common route. Freki is probably his own worst enemy in his insecurities, his head making it a bit worse than it actually is. But you still bring up a good point. He might've gotten a bit too confident too quickly! That was part of my struggle in the start of writing the routes, too. So I'll probably be making changes to your point later on.

Gyles certainly seems to be everyone's favorite xD which means I'll have to work extra hard on his story. I'm glad they (mostly) had a good impression on you! Ernest seems to have a lot to make up for in many players' eyes. 

Thank you, I'm still struggling to finish up art for the demo ;; those two months certainly wasn't easy, but it felt very worth it for the end product. I've been working on my art so hopefully by the time I get the chance to redraw the sprites, they will at least look a little closer to their 20s ;v; cutsy artstyles ftw!

With the speed I'm going, I'm probably leaning towards a route by route release. Thank you again for such a detailed response!

LOL his name is freki? :'D

Yup, if you don't pick another name for him!


hahahaha sorry i just find it very funny xD in my country there is a very common afrikaans name, frikki X'D 


Just finished the demo. It's great so far. I love the writing because it really draws out the personalities of every character. Really looking forward to the completed version of this game. 🐺

Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you like it, I'll be working hard to bring you the full game!