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Very good idea for the game. I really like stories about monsters and monster-hunting.

The battle system is very good idea for this kind of game. And well programmed. And it's easy to learn :) Characters seem to be well written too

soundtrach is very nice. Sprites and backgrounds are very good-looking.

It's a good demo - shoving a bit of everything we expect in full game. I'ts all a litttle short :/ 
I'm waiting for full game <3

Haha, well this game is certainly for you then [= I figured a battle system was a good way to engage the player in the action of the story. 

I'll be working on finishing up a slightly longer demo soon, thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo so far!

A really nice demo! I hope you finish it or at least extend the demo soon, I'm looking forward to knowing more about the two main characters and the monsters they might find!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you like it so far, I'm working on a larger update coming in the next couple of months! (:


Hiya, I've just played this Demo and I must say that it ain't that bad! I like the battling system, the way the dialogue is written. Granted there are a few mistakes like ,I typed my name and Gwen still called me Alex and Allllll that space with the speech bubble and yeah.... Although the demo is pretty short it does catch my attention with the battling system and the art ain't that bad.

I look forward to the full game!(Also, I am very, very, very  happy that I had a choice in the gender of the character I play :3)

This is pretty much my first time to write a review first so, I hope this was helpful or you enjoyed reading this. 


Hello! Thank you for playing!

Yep... I thankfully have an editor helping me out with the script and little mistakes I've made throughout the demo ^^; I recently revised the demo script so the next update will hopefully clear out all the mistakes I've made ;; I have a few ideas for how to change the spacing of the speech bubble let's hope I don't break the rest of the build implementing it  and I hope to flesh out further details for the battling system.

But, yes, this has been valuable feedback! Thank you! c:

No problem! ( ≧▽≦) I wish the best of luck upon you!~