A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

A yuri retelling of the fairy tale Bearskin

Penniless after returning home from the war, Isako makes a deal with the demon Maku. In exchange for an endless amount of money, Isako must survive ostracization and attempts on her life for seven years without once asking for help. Should she fail, she yields her soul to Maku.

Can Isako come out alive?

This game contains content that may upset some readers including: violence, death, immolation, loud sounds

Coming in Ver. 1.6: Available in other languages: Indonesian, Português, русском


Visual Novel romansa yuri yang menceritakan ulang kisah fantasi Bearskin

Kehabisan uang setelah perang berakhir, sang prajurit Isako membuat kesepakatan dengan sang iblis Maku. Sebagai imbalan atas jumlah uang yang tak terbatas, Isako harus bertahan hidup dari pengasingan dan upaya pembunuhan selama tujuh tahun tanpa meminta bantuan sekali pun. Jika dia gagal, dia harus menyerahkan jiwanya kepada Maku.

Mampukah Isako bertahan dari kutukan iblis tersebut?

Game ini berisi konten yang mungkin kurang cocok untuk beberapa pembaca antara lain berisi adegan: kekerasan, kematian dan suara keras

Portugues (Brasil)

Um reconto estilo yuri do conto de fadas Bearskin.

Sem dinheiro após retornar da guerra, Isako faz um pacto com a demônia Maku. Em troca de uma quantidade ilimitada de dinheiro, a Isako deve sobreviver ao ostracismo e tentativas de assassinato por sete anos sem nunca pedir por ajuda. Se falhar, ela deve entregar a sua alma para Maku.

Será que a Isako sobreviverá?

Este jogo contém conteúdo que pode ser incômodo para alguns leitores, como: violência, morte, imolação, sons altos


Юри-переосмысление сказки "Медвежья шкура".

Без гроша за душой, Исако заключает сделку с демоном Маку. В обмен на бесконечные богатства Исако должна на семь лет стать изгоем и выживать в условиях постоянной опасности, не имея права просить о помощи. Если нарушить условия - Маку заберет ее душу.

Сможет ли Исако продержаться до конца?

Игра содержит материалы не рекомендуемые определенной аудитории: насилие, смерть, самосожжение, громкие звуки


  • ~15k words
  • 2 romantic routes to pursue
  • Meaningful choices, also indicated chosen choice(s)
  • 2 good endings; 3 bad endings
  • 4 CGs
  • 5 original tracks, downloadable here!
  • Available in English, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Russian!


Shino: Co-director & Writer
Pumpkin-Spike: Co-director, Sprite Art, & Character Design
Awiola: Background Art
GreysonJS: Music
MadScientist: GUI, Programming, & CGs
Mamep: Editor
OnioTheSeal: Title
Maxfield (Indonesian), Pavlo Tiupa (Russian), Exza (Portuguese): Translation

This project was an incredible group effort created completely within the month of September for the Spooktober Visual Novel gamejam! I hope you enjoy our entry!


Hearts Blight for Chromebook 49 MB
HeartsBlight-1.6-mac.zip 45 MB
HeartsBlight-1.6-pc.zip 63 MB

Also available on

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I like this. Got Maku's good end.

The only thing I don't like is how short it is.


I played the android version of the game. Really love the story. Both the ending are very cute and design for all of the characters are really nice, especially Maku.


Thank you for playing!

you're welcome ^^

I just finished it. It's a bit short, based on few choices game but still very enjoyable. I really like Memi's route. And the whole concept of the plot. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! ^^ Memi's a real sweetheart <3 I'm happy to hear you liked her route!


Really liked this one, you don't typically see a 1800s Japanese backdrop to a Halloween game. Here's a video playthrough I had. I apologize for my voice, which was a bit strained when I went through this, so I had to selectively vocalize lines out of necessity: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/768996030

Thank you for playing! Glad you like it!



so now i should download the soundtrack.

I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ The OST made by Greyson JS is really awesome, you can download it here!


Hey all! It was so fun to be a part of this project, and I hope everyone is enjoying the story :) If you did, listen and download the songs from the soundtrack here! 



A very sweet story. I enjoyed both good endings, all three characters, and the fairy tale tone. I wasn't familiar with the original story before playing, but after looking it up I definitely enjoy this take on it a lot more.

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :) We also had fun reading lesser known fairy tales when we first came up with the concept!