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question, will there be a harem ending? 
Blush-- Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→ Blush  

can i ask somethin?, will we have to pay for the full version next year? idk just curious


Hello, thank you for the question, I'm sorry for the late reply. We plan to release the full version for free!

Thanks for answering:)))!!

Give me more pinks! ❤️

it's SOOOOOOO GOOD I SWEAR OMG, i'm looking forward for what's coming next in the game !!!!! your work is amazing :)



OMG THIS GAME MADE ME BLUSH SO DAMN HARD, why do I always simps for characters ._.. it made me really sad when the game stoppedd but I'll wait for itttttt


this was so entertaining!! and the sprites were really funny hehe, i love the cute artwork <3

THIS IS JUST TOO GOOD i rlly am waiting like a dog for more


Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far!

I will love to post fanart or something like that so more people know about this game with hashtag for easy searching so i wonder if you have any hashtag for this game to post in twitter 

Ooh!! Thank you so much! The hashtag we use on twitter is #StuckInYanVN ^^


I love this demo so much! I love how you did not shy away from committing to the love-core aesthetic, it makes the characters feel whimsical and unique. I also love the writing it's very engaging.. I think Leon is my favorite and I'll look forward to the final release!


Thank you so much for your comment! :D I love going hardcore into an aesthetic so I'm glad it turned out well for players!

The game is so fun! The art and music are both great! (Little brother is the best character btw no I will not take criticism-) I'm looking forward to the full game!

The only issue I have is that the voice volume doesn't seem to work? I can put it at low or mute it but the voice volume is the same regardless. Not a big deal but I figure I should comment about it

Criticism, where? xD I play favorites too-- I mean 

Thanks for letting us know about the volume issue! I have a good hunch where I made the coding mistake and will get that fixed in the next update.

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The game looks cool but sadly I can't play because I am from android-

Ah;; I'm sorry, unfortunately we don't have an mobile build at the moment, but it's definitely something we're looking into for the future.

thank you very much for the reply and sure! Dw the game is already beautiful it's just sad that I can't play it but it looks very good!

Do you know when the game will be complete? I love it already :D

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! :D

We currently have plans to have an updated demo with about 30% of the full story done in the August-September timeframe, and aiming for a full release of the game in 2023!

I am SUPER excited to see the full game! The characters are all so CUTE with their gorgeous designs and engaging personalities. They almost make you forget that they are supposed to be yanderes! I really want to know what happens next, and how I can avoid getting killed by them!


Oh, thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo so far!

(And yeah, even I forget they're yandere sometimes, until I look at the next scene in my outline haha...) Best of luck escaping them!


I'm crying rn I forgot it was a demo so when it just stopped I was like "..." 

Haha, oh noo, I'm sorry 😅 The full game will likely be out next year and I hope you'll play it then too!

I'll definitely play it when it comes out

I really enjoyed it! It was really funny and Leon is so cute!! I can't wait to see more!


Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo ^^ We're working hard towards the full game!

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Oh my goodness! I loved this! I enjoyed this demo so much! The main character is adorable(especially when he squeaks). All the characters are designed really well!! I can't wait to continue playing this to see how MC can survive! Bravo Pumpkin Spike! Bravo!


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for covering our game!! ^^ I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the demo!

this was fun lmao, i hope to play the full version next year:D!

and i love leon hes such a cutie!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you had fun! ^^ 

And Leon is very happy to hear that <3 He's only hiding in your closet out of embarrassment and no other reason!


'[x] is totally gonna kill you!'

...gee, thanks little bro :|

I know little bro's gonna play a big part, since he has a proper character design-

You'll find out in the full game ;)

Thank you so much for playing!

This game is so fun to play, i really like the art work too. The MC is actually pretty interesting character also i think i in love with Leon now, he is such a cutie (✿゚▽゚)ノ

Thank you very much, I'm glad the game was to your liking! ^^ And Leon says thank you! He'd tell you in person, but he's a little preoccupied hiding under your bed~ <3

I think this is the first game I've played in wherein the main character is so damn meta about the game and the trasmigration storyline, I guess I do get a bit confused on why the main character is so jumpy all the time but then again he did play through the entirety of the game... But he really wasn't doing any good keeping the charade up, hopefully he gets better because his subtlety is like an elephant in a china store.

Aww haha~ Unfortunately all I can say is MC isn't the brightest crayon in the box. Thank you so much for playing and I hope to improve and meet your expectations in the next update ^^

It's not to say I dislike the game!! Far from it I love it, I love the premise and despite my complains, I love the MC may god bless his soul because he surely needs it-- I hope my comment wasn't all that negative, it was a new experience and I genuinely am looking forward to it despite the flaws of our dear MC~

No worries, it wasn't negative! <3 I will also work hard to bring a fun game to everyone! ^^

I loved the demo!

Quick question-

How do you get the photo effect for the game ss?

Thank you so much for playing!

The short answer to your question is that it's via CSS! For a full answer or more details, please DM me on twitter.

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Oh my goodness this was BOMB!!! I love the MC and the way he called it transmigration. Always wanted to play a game like that and this is basically a dream come true! His personality is just chefs kiss if he was in a comic I'd pay to read it.

Ahh thank you so much!! Haha, me too! I always wanted to play a VN with transmigration like all the novels... so I made one I guess xD

omg this was so fun! i love yandere love interests so much and i am more than excited for a yandere only dating sim. vincent has my heart currently, he's exactly! my type! i am so happy i found this! also, the characters look so unique! whoever designed them did an amazing job!

Aww thank you so much!! <3 Vincent is absolutely thrilled to hear how much you love him~ Thank you so much for playing the demo, I'm really glad the story and aesthetics were to your liking!

I love this!! I'll make sure to keep up to date on the updates!

Thank you very much! Me too, I'll be sure to keep updating everyone xD

The demo was great, I can't wait for the full game!

Thank you so much for playing! ^^

Epic Itch Page!!!


Thank you so much!!

This was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the bright aesthetics and the story being a deconstruction of the yandere trope.

Thank you very much! I certainly had a lot of fun working on the premise!

Luv It.

Luv Leon and Vincent.

Luv to see the Demo 2.0 and the full game.

Thank you so much! Leon and Vincent luvs you too ^^

I played this yesterday and I must say it is really good so I can't wait for the full version

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This was very enjoyable! Vincent is my favorite and I'm harboring hope cuz the mc said the original game changed, maybe this means i wont be kept in the basement by Vincent for the good end? Haha. But if this ends up happening I suppose I'll have to put my money where my mouth is, Vincent is caring, funny AND gets the ball rolling and pursues the mc. A breath of fresh air. for sure. The only 'criticism' I have is, the scream man. You know, when mc is shocked, you can hear this high pitched scream? Maybe it wouldn't have been so grating if it was only one time, or a shorter scream or something? I ended up turning all of the voices of which was a shame, cuz the other voices were ok. Maybe it was just me.

Anyways, I'm interested to see where it all leads! And the pink is glorious.

Hello, thank you so much for the input! I'm glad to hear you like Vincent, we'll have to wait and see about his "good" ends though ;) 

And I'll see what I an do about the scream, I'm sorry that detracted the experience!

Just played the demo and boy DO I LOVE LEON. i cant wait to play the full game, love the art, the scene when the MC is between Leon and Vicent HELLO??? did i say that i love Leon?


😂 One of my favorite scenes too! Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Same!  I loved that scene!  I can't wait for the full game.

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hehehe >3< I love it!

Thank you so much!

Im re playing it again ( ꈍᴗꈍ) ahh, I still cant help but giggle everytime MC just squick pfft (≧▽≦) his reaction everytime is absolutely entertaining and hilarious for me. I also love the V.A.'s d( 。>ㅅ<。) I like every characters and I hope to see more like supporting characters, if there is. It's a bit sad that the Lil' bro is a related blood _(:зゝ∠)_] he look cute when blushing and how he want to help his bro as much as he can. I also like the plot and background of every L.I. the character design itself is good too, hehe they were pinkly cute (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Aww, thank you so much for playing again! I'm glad you liked the story and designs. The VAs really did an amazing job making everyone come to life! And I definitely do have a few more characters planned for the story ;3

Is brother love interest too? I want him to be one

Unfortunately, MC's brother will not be an LI in this game ^^; He will play an important role in this and future games/stories though!

oh my cant wait for the future game

Deleted post

Haha, good luck ^^ and thank you for playing!

Great game

Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you liked it!

Beginning: Why is everything so pink?

Day 2: Why isn't that pink like everything else?

Day 3: I need more pink!

The art is wonderful!  I love the characters, and I can't wait to play all three (?) routes in the full game!

😂 Never enough pink imo! Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game

The metahumor is so on point, I love it! Also, the lovecore aesthetic were so cute that you sometimes forget this is a yandere game lol. I can't wait for the full version (I feel like Vincent is gonna be my favorite)!!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the humor😂 it was certainly a lot of fun to write it! And Vincent looks forward to seeing you soon in the full version as well :)


Looks so fluffy and colorful! Downloaded~

Thank you, hope you enjoy the game! :D

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